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Veoma intereantna kaseta sa božičnim pesmama. Pevačica koja ih pev aje poznata diva FAIRUZ iz Libana.

Nouhad Haddad, later known as Fairuz, was born on 21 November 1935 in ‘Jabal al Arz’, Lebanon into a Maronite Christian family.[6] The family later moved into a home in cobblestone alley called ‘Zuqaq el Blatt’ in Beirut. Living in a single room of a typical Lebanese stone house facing Beirut’s Patriarchate school, they shared a kitchen with the neighbours. Her father, Wadi’, worked as a typesetter in a nearby print shop[7] and Lisa, her mother, stayed home and took care of her four children, Nouhad, Youssef, Hoda and Amal.

Nouhad was a shy child and did not have many friends at school. However, she was very attached to her grandmother who lived in Debbieh (Shuf area), where Nouhad used to spend her summer holidays. Nouhad seemed to enjoy the rural village life. During the day, Nouhad would help her grandmother with house chores and fetch fresh water from a nearby water spring. She would sing all the way to the spring and back. In the evening, Nouhad would sit by the candle light with her grandmother, who would tell her stories.

FAIRUZ sings for you


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