GARY SLOAN 1996 Arkansas to YUGOSLAVIA live – Dobar blues sa ove i one strane okeana

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Odlična i pre svega jedna jako retka kaseta za vas koji volite blues. Jedan autentični snimak sa dve strane okeana  i to sa koncerrtima istog muzičara, jedan tamo u americi a drugi u SRBIJI. Izvanredan snimak ko to voli da ima i pre svega veliki raritet. Na internetu po prvi put totalna premijera

ГАРИ СЛОУН први део

ГАРИ СЛОУН други део

Gary arrived in Alaska in 1964 and stayed until 1995. He had sung in church and school choir, so it wasn’t much of a stretch to become the animated lead singer of a Top 40 band.

A year later, upon hearing the first Butterfield and Musselwhite albums, he picked up the harp and added blues to the mix. By the next year all other types of music was dropped and “Proof” became the only Alaskan blues band.


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